About Gaan

In 2020, when an unprecedented pandemic hit the world, people were forced to stay in their Noah’s ark as the viral deluge swept cities and communities across the world.
In the face of what is considered by many as the most devastating calamity in modern human history, people continuously thrive to make their isolated lives more liveable and harmonious.
In the Philippines, people started finding natural comfort from different kinds of plants, and shared their plant appreciation and gratitude by means of gifting as the pandemic continues to have a profound impact on everyone’s health.
Inspired by the remarkable sense of Filipino giving, Gaan was created from its beautiful definition in Hiligaynon which means to give  and in Tagalog which means ease and comfort.
Gaan is a startup driven by care, connectedness, and community.
As a provider of care, anchored on the culturality of the word, Gaan built a greenhouse to celebrate and grow the impact of plants on our physical and mental health. Inside the small wooden cabin is a sanctuary dedicated to elevating plant appreciation through space curation.
As an enabler of connectedness, empowered by the impact of plants on people, Gaan hopes to be a gift of comfort that people give to stay connected to family and friends and share positivity and care.
As a builder of community, driven by people’s varied passions, Gaan aims to be a thriving and progressive community of scientists, enthusiasts, artists, and entrepreneurs whose passions involve growing, making, or curating beautiful things from the natural soil.
At Gaan, we encourage and empower more people with something to give that they may help others live life with harmony and comfort.