Creative Duo

At Gaan, we meet different kinds of people who have growing appreciation and interest for plants.
For our eleventh #PeopleAtGaan post, we feature young married couple Dustin Cheng and Yandra Po. Both professional interior designers, Dustin is currently a project manager for a firm, and Yandra is a full-time artist whose art pieces are highly coveted by many. Despite her hectic painting schedule, Yandra is able to find time to religiously take care of her lovely indoor plants, with Dustin’s very generous support. If you see Yandra’s impeccable chinoiserie paintings, you will understand her profound fascination and love for plants.
For their Gaan plant, they chose a pair of Stephania kaweesakii, considered by many as the most fascinating Stephania there is. Message us if you wish to inquire about this stunning beauty.