If unevenness and imperfect shape provide character to a humble terracotta bowl, what constitutes the definition of a jar beauty?

When we launched our first collection of restored earthenwares, we were instantly smitten by the bold shapes of our first jars.

But as we find more interesting to atypical shapes to restore and recreate from knolls of broken terracotta pieces, we began to wonder why we were deeply, madly falling in love with jars.

Sure, its collars, in different thickness, make the look more preppy and exact.

Sure, its shapes, in different widths, give the most pronounced visual statement.

But for us, it is its pair of handles that allows a good jar to fly.

Uneven or identical, its pair of fragile handles may not be its most durable part, but it certainly is its most creative and suggestive feature.

For this special earthenware series, we carefully curated and restored jars with graceful to exquisite handles to hold your plants, style your homes, and warm your hearts, and collectively called it Winged.

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