After the successful launches of both our Restored and Flawsome collections, we were deeply moved by our growing Gaan tribe’s support and kind words to continuously work on what is available but broken, thrown away, and abandoned.
In our creative pursuit of restoring broken and loose pieces with lovely flaws, we found more knolls of unwanted earthenwares.
For each found knoll, we carefully dug out irregularly to atypically shaped terracotta pieces with curious cracks, indicative of the hands which held them and the time they silently collected dirt.
Using different techniques on assembling parts, texturing surfaces, and painting materials, we transformed each abandoned or broken piece into a new shape of beauty and function.
Attentively and thoughtfully restored and enhanced, Unearthed is a collection of pieces purposed to give holiday warmth to its new homes and inspire everyday creativity to its lovely owners.

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