At Gaan, we have always been conscious of the impact of materials in re-creating an experience and hopefully, reinvigorating spatial and visual relaxation.
In architectural landmarks like churches and monasteries, silent halls are made of natural materials with interesting textures that trigger personal emotional definitions of solitude and peace.
Without any guidance or passage, the human body through the hands explores the “world” through the sense of touch that slowly brings out different sensations and emotions anchored on personal memories.
For our fourth collection of pots, jars, and bowls, we carefully explore the art of creating forms that can increase our natural sensitivity to tactility.
Using defined lines and careful carvings to create textures, we hope to help spark visual creativity in our Gaan Tribe’s personal spaces and activate pleasures when they hold and feel our restored earthenwares.
Thoughtfully gathered from local pottery warehouses, each earthenware is delicately restored—through rigorous processes of assembling, texturing, and painting—to a new object of form, function, and experience.
To heighten the experience of holding an earthenware that is laboriously hand-sculpted by our local artisans from natural materials, we etched and carved beautifully emotive textures on the surfaces of our pots, jars, and bowls.
Through our Textured Collection, we hope to create and promote a good balance of visual and tactile stimuli that can contribute to our Gaan Tribe’s state of comfort and creativity.

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