In our continuing journey to find atypical and interesting shapes from knolls of broken terracotta pieces, we found a burgeoning love affair with bowls.

Despite being a very challenging shape, a bowl is a pure wonder in terms of beauty and purpose that can hold beyond a plant.

A deep bowl can hold fruits for nourishment or a set of favorite holiday balls to spark merriment.

A disk bowl can sit on a stack of art books for an elevated visual or hold a cake for celebration.

An uneven flat bowl can hold one’s everyday essentials or simply sit still on a console table to elicit spatial serenity.

And when it is carefully sculpted from a natural material, it shows emotional textures and charming unevenness that can create magic and beauty.

For this special collection of deep, disk, and uneven flat bowls called Held, we celebrate how a humble earthenware can hold the wonders of life and living.

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