For our third Gaan collection, we revisit the time when small trays and bedside tables, before the popular era of console and nesting tables, are lovingly curated with fine personal things to wish a person good health and wellness.

As an enabler of building connectedness, we gathered old and abandoned broken terracotta pieces from pottery warehouses and gave them new skins that still remind you of something old and something new. 

In their new forms, and hopefully in their new homes, they can hold a cut flower or leaf, or gently warm your scented candles while you are thriving and making each day count. 

But to celebrate battles fought and won by both these terracotta pieces and the special people receiving them, we carefully left some beautiful cracks and deformities to shine and be wisely remembered.

From small shapely jars to vintage bird accents that can be curated on your most personal tray or table, this collection wishes you well and celebrate your awesome flaws.

Carefully gathered and intricately restored by our space curator, Prim Paypon, our Flawsome Collection hopes to bring you warmth, love, and good health.


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