Chromatic and Textured

Each collection of pots, jars, and bowls we create is always inspired by lovely homes we see or visit. To see how our restored vessels in homes we adore elevate creativity and bring warmth is such an overwhelming joy.

SPOTTED: Chromatic Jars from Gaan Unearthed and Flawsome Collections and white uneven bowl from Gaan Held Collection with artworks by Lyndon Maglalang and Paul Mag-isa.


Budding art collectors Jenz and Mona Tecson built a home with walls that can only be adorned with contemporary oeuvres from masters and emerging artists.

SPOTTED: White jars from Gaan Unearthed and Flawsome Collection with artworks by Arturo Luz and Siefred Guilaran.


A rare curatorial feat, Jenz and Mona were able to provide a space that perfectly blends together chromatic and textured pieces with different art media.

SPOTTED: Off-white jar from Gaan Flawsome Collection with sculptural painting by Arco, handprinted bust by Mark Lester Espina, and figurative portrait painting by Kim Oliveros.


SPOTTED: Black jars from Gaan Textured Collection with paper quilling artwork by Nea de Leon and a trio of Burgy by Christian Tamondong


SPOTTED: White jars from Gaan Textured Collection with a Banksy sculpture, a Ronald Castrillo brass, and a grand Jayson Cortez hyperrealist painting.  


SPOTTED: A pair of jars from Gaan Textured Collection with Isamu Noguchi paper table lamp and small artworks by Pancho Francisco and Kim Oliveros.


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