Balai Ventoso

Continually evolving, Balai Ventoso sits as a laidback coastal-inspired personal space which features borrowed contemporary designs and inspirations.



With its simplified and compact space, it incorporates many natural elements through its furniture and accessory pieces, mostly in wood, in natural tones.



With a crisp, white interior, the walls become an endless but perfect blank canvas to curate modern and contemporary art.



Because the furniture pieces are either earthy or neutral, the modern and contemporary artworks provide the color pops, adding oomph to minimal intentions of the space.



Since the art forms of the now extend to functional objects, the contemporary forms and differentiating textures of restored pottery pieces from Gaan provide further contrast that grows more aesthetically pleasing.



At Balai Ventoso, local contemporary artists and artisans are the true builders of their welcoming space in every curation.




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